Congress centre

Benefit Plaza Congress Hotel is ideal place for hosting range of events such as business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trainings and seminars.

The hotel disposes five conference-halls from 54 to 230 square metres with wide range of equipment: unique sound and light systems, presentation equipment, wireless access to Internet. The comfort of the participants is being provided by autonomous system of climate technique and comfortable new furniture. 

A team of professional managers will help you to organize any event on the best level and meet all your requirements.


Congress Room

A spacious conference room (up to 200 people) has galleried structure and is good for big meetings. The room is equipped with modern presentation stuff, great acoustic equipment and cosy armchairs. Conditioning system and great illumination will make any meeting comfortable.

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Premium Room

A conference room (up to 100 people) located in isolated area with high sound insulation, conditioning system, great illumination. Seat organization is available upon request. 

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Small Room

A conference room (up to 50 people) which is cosy and comfortable, well equipped for any meeting and conditioning system available.

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Class Room

A conference room (up to 30 people) is equipped with comfortable armchairs, all presentation stuff, conditioning system. Different seat organizations are available upon request.

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VIP Room

A conference room (up to 25 people) is comfortable with a big oval table in the centre and leather armchairs at it. The room is equipped with all presentation stuff, conditioning system and great illumination which create a special atmosphere for a meeting.

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VIP Room (with fireplace)

An area of 20 square meters can sit up to 22 people. It is a highly comfortable room with a fireplace, TV screen, which can be used for different meetings, negotiations, job interviews in an alternative atmosphere, and celebrations also. It is located in Casual café Marusya@ and can be separated by dark curtains.  


VIP Room (with glass doors)

An area of 18.5 square meters can sit up to 14 people. It is a meeting room with flat-screen TV, which is comfortable for meetings, negotiations. Any presentation equipment can be used. It is located in Casual café Marusya@ and is separated by dark curtains and glass doors.   

Area for coffee-breaks and buffet reception

Plan of Congress Centre

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